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Atalian Ohio Valley Region is a fully integrated facility services company. We deliver a wide range of commercial janitorial services, industrial services, facility support services, and comprehensive environmental health and safety services to companies in varied markets.

Our clients represent industry leaders in the manufacturing sector, multi-tenant buildings, corporate offices, pharmaceuticals, utilities, healthcare, high-tech, financial services, clean rooms, and higher education institutions. 



Cleaning Services Include:

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  • Full-service janitorial
  • Green cleaning programs
  • LEED certification programs
  • Day Porter services
  • Carpet maintenance
  • Ceiling tile restoration
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Waste stream audit
  • Sanitation cleaning
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Recycling cleaning

Janitorial: Day Cleaning

Janitorial Day Cleaning

Cleaning in the evening requires almost all the same building functions as cleaning during daytime hours. Shifting to Healthy High performance Day Cleaning allows for a significant reduction in lighting , HCAC, and electrical consumption.

Clients across the country are experiencing a savings between 4% - 8% on their electric consumption and HVAC - related monthly invoices.These energy reductions significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a building or campus.

Benefits of day cleaning

  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Prompter clean response
  • Better relationship between facility occupants and cleaning staff
  • Lower turnover
  • Day cleaners generally have higher energy and higher productivity


Janitorial HHPC Day


Janitorial: Empower Schools to Focus on Education

Janitorial Empowering Schools

Atalian Ohio Valley Region has created an average 20% savings through contracting custodial services for schools. Our program can include hiring the entire staff, keeping them whole and replacing them only through attrition and retirement. Other options include providing only night cleaning or only cleaning certain schools.

All employees are required to pass a nationwide background check, drug test, verification of eligibility to work in the U.S., and rigorous job training and safety program.

Janitorial Facility Support Services

  • Custodial Services
  • Healthy High Performance Green Cleaning Programs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Gym Maintenance
  • Special Event Cleaning
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Energy Usage Studies
  • Health, Safety and Crisis Management


Janitorial: Consumables

Janitorial Consumables 1

We Make it Easy for You

We also can provide you with consumable supplies, paper products, hand soap, trash can liners, indoor and outdoor receptacles, and consult with you to provide cutting-edge, no-touch technology. 

When you hire Atalian Ohio Valley Region to provide cleaning, floor maintenance, and specialty services, you get access to leverage our corporate purchasing power for all your consumable and receptacle needs.

  • Ease of Ordering - Our team will provide streamlined cataloging of your needs, setting up the inventory system you desire.
  • Sustainable, Sanitary, Environmental Solutions - Touchless dispensers, high-speed hand dryers, consolidated recycling programs, and unique and environmentally blending trash cans and cigarette urns are all available with an aggressive return on investment that makes these products the right choice for you, your facility, and your occupants.
  • Quality and Competitive - Our team provides a thoughtful analysis of the quality of product you have been using and determines if your current program is cost-effective on a usage/value/price comparison basis.

Janitorial Consumables

Click to learn how we support clients' Environmental Sustainability Initiatives with greener consumables.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives


Let us find a solution for you

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