Corporate Sustainability

Atalian Ohio Valley Region is committed to sustainability and we use products, equipment, and procedures that have reduced environmental impact. We know that working in this manner will produce immediate dividends for the health of our clients, their employees, and our employees, which will result in long-term gains for the generations to come.






US Green Building Member


Our Investment in Alternative Energy

Atalian Ohio Valley Region also sets itself apart in our commitment to corporate sustainability through community involvement and investments in alternative energy. In 2013, Atalian Ohio Valley Region invested more than $250 thousand in facility improvements aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our corporate offices. New building insulation and an environmentally friendly white roof that deflects light were installed to cut down on energy consumption when cooling the building during summer months. Additionally, Atalian Ohio Valley Region upgraded to high-efficiency HVAC units and equipped the roof with state-of-the-art solar panels, which have greatly cut down our energy consumption from fossil fuels. 

Resources saved since installation:

sustainability carbon 2


sustainability trees 2


sustainability oil 2


Community Garden

Atalian Ohio Valley Region has also converted a section of our corporate property into a community garden, with free plots and seeds available for anyone in the neighboring distressed community. This community garden provides sustainable food sources for local community members, along with attractive green space within the urban landscape. Our efforts were recognized by the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI), which named Atalian Ohio Valley Region the 2013 recipient of their esteemed ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ award.

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